About Us

Our company, ELDACO (KL) SN BHD is a leading trading company based in Malaysia specializing in the import and distribution of gourmet food and beverage products to industrial, food service and retail markets.

The brands we represent are very well respected and accepted in their countries of origin. And they also enjoy much success in the export market.

Our clients, ranging from food processing factories, central kitchens, hotels, bakeries, restaurants, bistros, cafes, hypermarkets, independent supermarkets are all well established and appreciate the gourmet selection we supply to them.

We see ourselves as brand builders and movers working in partnership with our Principals and Clients for the benefit of the consumers.

Combining tradition and innovation, all the brands we represent have their own stories to tell even in the same product category.

We will continue to source for new brands that meets and exceeds our expectations to give our clients more choices.

Our business is driven by our quest for “Value for Money (VFM)” in the products and services we offer to our clients.

It was decided that to further enhance the dining experience we should venture into lifestyle living as a natural progression.

Using the same stringent criteria for our food and beverage products mentioned above, we selected new brands for food preparation (knives) and cooking (cookware).

Although not directly related to dining, traditional incense has been around for centuries and can improve our well beings. And in the process cultivate a healthy appetite.

So whether you live in the city or a remote countryside, we trust that you will find something from our range for your daily requirements.