1. Kimbo Coffee

Today, Kimbo Coffee is the Number 2 brand coffee in Italian market. It owes its success to having the highest quality coffee bean varieties and refined well according to the Neapolitan tradition. Caffe Kimbo is one of the largest roasting houses in Italy. The passion for coffee roasting began with the Rubino family half a century ago.

A wonderful espresso from Naples.

2 .Cellini Coffee

“Perfection down to the last detail” is the motto of Cellini Coffee! Cellini combines the high level of quality and great aroma that is most popular among coffee connoisseurs and caterers.

Cellini Prestigio 100% Arabica is a composition of exquisite Arabica coffee from Central and South America. These fine blends guarantee pure espresso joy for all lovers of a fine, mild coffee aroma.
Crema e Aroma uses selected raw coffee from Central America and Brazil to give a pleasant character and pronounced harmonic aroma.

3.Olsson’s sea salt

All natural, no chemicals involved in the processing. That is the way the Olsson Family have been making their solar sea salt since the 1950’s and is the oldest family owned and operated sea salt maker in Australia.
To make its sea salt, Olsson’s use the method called “solar evaporation”. Solar salt is produced by the action of sun and wind on seawater in large ponds. The seawater evaporates in successive ponds until the seawater is fully concentrated and the salt then crystallizes on the floor of the pond. It is then scooped up, washed in seawater, dried and packaged. That’s it.
A wide variety of products available eg. sea salt flakes, crystals, table sea salt & cooking sea salt, all perfectly natural.

4. Café Pele

Café Pele from Basil has its name after the great football player Pele, is a high quality reasonable priced instant coffee produced from carefully selected beans grown in the finest coffee-growing regions in South America. This is one of the world’s best known coffee products, now available in more than 50 countries around the globe.

(photo of Café Pele gourmet & gold)

5.Iliada Kalamata Olive Oil &
Olives  Fruit

Iliada KALAMATA PDO Olive Oil is awarded as one of the world’s best Extra Virgin Olive oils.
• World renowned KALAMATA Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
• 100% fully traceable monovarietal EVOO, cold extracted within 24 hours from picking unripen green, Koroneiki variety olives grown in Messinia region in Greece.
• Intense green to golden green color, medium fruitiness aroma of the green fruit, with rich full-bodied well-balanced organoleptic profile taste.

Iliada KALAMATA Olives , the only Kalamata olives from KALAMATA-GREECE
• 100% hand-picked and traceable – from the olive tree to your table
• Black to dark purple in color, almond-shaped and juicy with a characteristic rich fruity flavor. Crunchy and full of aromas are the perfect addition to any dish
• Naturally sun-ripened on the tree before harvested by hand to protect their sensitive flesh and marinated in brine with no added preservatives
• An essential ingredient of the Mediterranean & Greek cuisine, ideal for a healthy diet

6. Polli Pesto sauces

Green & Red Pesto sauces from Italy, great addition for Mediteranean style cooking.


7. Delba Fitness Bread sauces

Healthy, all natural “fit” bread from Germany which are carefully manufactured for best taste and quality. Ideal for light snacks, picnics or for the health conscious, the real goodness of whole grain Rye, Sunflower Seed, Pumpernickel breads and more.


8. Vilux Dijon Mustard

Traditional French mustard available in Extra Strong and Whole grain.
9 Spices


9.  Spices & Herbs

A variety of herbs and spices eg. Basil, paprika, parsley, onion flakes, marjoram are available for food service and manufacturing.


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